Do you have a Win CE navigation system with DAB + option. Then it is always supplied with a DAB + antenna. With an Android system you have to buy DAB + module (cusbdab01) separately. Or you can use an Internet DAB + application. This then works with an internet connection without a DAB + antenna. 

Place the antenna on the windshield. At the antenna you also have a strip that you have to stick on the chasis of the car. Note, the strip must make contact with the metal part of chasis, sand the paint away so that the strip makes contact with metal. If you do not do this, your reception will be poor.

After you have mounted the antenna, it is usually necessary to install an APP on the device. This app is called "DAB-Z" and you can download it via the pre-installed Playstore app. It is not possible to listen to DAB stations via the FM radio app, because DAB has its own app that allows you to search for DAB stations.

Please note, if the reception is poor after following these instructions, it is possible that DAB is not yet sufficiently covered in your area.