Use this manual if you have purchased a 2 DIN radio from us. A 2 DIN radio is universal and is always supplied with an ISO cable, with a Universal 2 DIN radio you usually need an adapter plug. This adapter ensures that the plug from your car fits into an ISO plug. Many cars also have an ISO plug as standard, so you don't need an adapter cable. Follow the steps below to install a Universal 2 DIN radio.

Step 1

First check whether the fit matches, sometimes you need a frame so that there are no open spots on the edges. It can also happen that you need a mounting frame, this ensures that you can lock the radio and that the radio is not loose.

Step 2

Check whether your car has a steering wheel control, with a universal 2 DIN radio you can connect a module with which you can continue to use the steering wheel control. This is never supplied with a universal 2 DIN radio because every car model has its own module. Suppose you have a Volkswagen Golf 6, you have to buy a module that is specifically made for the Volkswagen Golf 6.

Step 3

Okay we assume that you have all the necessary accessories, now we can start to assemble the radio. Please note, we sometimes experience that customers without technical knowledge build in a radio, then it often happens that the functions do not work properly. We do not recommend installing a radio yourself if you do not have any technical knowledge.

Step 4

If you have a GPS antenna with the radio, place it just below the rearview mirror, the GPS antenna works best here. You can hide the cables under your headlining. You can also hide the GPS antenna in the Dashboard, but then you first have to experiment whether the GPS antenna is receiving.

Step 5

Did you get a USB cable? We usually place this in the glove box. Use a tension spring to easily get the cable into the glove box.

Step 6

If all goes well, now only the ISO plug is left, unless you have purchased additional modules, then read the manual that comes with the product. The ISO plug always has a red and a yellow wire. The yellow wire is for the radio's memory, and this wire must always receive power. The red wire is the ACC wire, the radio switches on as soon as the red wire receives power. We sometimes get complaints that the radio does not remember memory, or that the start-up takes a long time. If this is the case, the Yellow wire is not connected to constant current. So check this very well because this will save you a lot of misery and irritation.

Step 7

After you have connected everything, first check if everything works before you complete the radio installation. Check whether the radio switches on with the contact, whether the radio FM signal is good, and whether you have sufficient GPS signal. If everything works as it should, you can click or screw in the radio.

Last step

If a function does not work properly, keep looking for a solution on this help desk page. We at Carpar assemble car radios and other accessories every day. When we assemble ourselves there are never complaints because we have enough knowledge to assemble it. We therefore always post tips and tricks on this help desk page, if you read it carefully, it will certainly be alright.