What is a custom fit aftermarket radio? You have 2 DIN radios and Aftermarket custom fit radios. The difference is that a custom fit Aftermarket radio is specially designed for a car model. This means you don't need any extra accessories. The radio will also fit nicely into your dashboard and will therefore appear original.

You can recognize a custom fit aftermarket radio by its fit, which always corresponds to the original radio of your car. The installation of a custom fit radio also requires technical knowledge in most cases. Because with our custom fit radios you have a lot of options, so you often get a lot of cables. You do not have to connect all cables, but you do need to know what they are for. That is why we also advise with these radios to have the installation carried out by a company or by a person with technical knowledge.

We have made a video for our customers, in this video we show you how to install aftermarket radio with a custom fit in a Volkswagen vehicle. Scroll down under the video for tips and tricks

We want to guarantee you one thing, a custom fit radio does not damage your car, a custom fit does not empty your battery if you mount it correctly. We have at least 1000 custom fit radios mounted in all types of car models, if you follow our instructions you will have a lot of fun with your custom fit radio.

Tip 1

Always check whether the radio switches off automatically with the contact, the radio should automatically turn off when you remove the key, if this does not happen, click on this for an instruction.

Tip 2

If you are driving a Volkswagen, Seat or Skoda vehicle, from year 2003 - 2008 make sure that if you have received an External CANBUS module with the radio, the YELLOW wire that runs from the Quadlock or ISO to the CANBUS is cut. . The cutted yellow wire that eventually runs to the CANBUS must then be equipped with switched 12V +. Click here if you want to know how to find or install a switched 12V+.

The CANBUS will then only receive power if the ignition is switched on. With these vehicles, the CANBUS can drain your battery, so it is best to prevent this by performing this operation.

More tips are on the way :-)

Success with the installation.