If a radio does not switch on after you have connected it correctly, it may be due to the CANBUS module that you have received. Don't worry, the radio is not defective. You can sometimes connect the CANBUS to your car in 2 ways. If the CANBUS module has 2 green wires with a small black plug attached, you can try to connect this black plug with the other black plug attached to the cable harness.

If it still does not work, then you have to make sure that the RED acc wire from the radio gets switched 12V. A RED wire runs from the CANBUS module to the radio, this is the ACC wire, as soon as this red wire gets 12V, the radio will switch on. And if there is no more power on the red wire, the radio will go out, so it is actually a kind of signal wire.


Disconnect plug 2 and connect plug 1 with plug 2. If this doesnt work. Connect a switched 12V to the red wire "3".