It is time for a new radio but there are so many types and fits, we understand that it is very difficult to make a choice. That is why we at Carpar have decided to show our customers the way with a simple manual.

Suppose you drive a Ford and you want a new radio and you have found this product on our website:

In this photo you see 4 different models but they are all Ford vehicles with a different dashboard. It is actually very easy to find out if the radio fits, you just have to look at the shape. See 2nd image for a clear explanation

Therefore, first check whether the fit matches. If the fit matches and the radio is suitable for a Ford, but your model is not listed in the description, it does not mean that it does not fit. If fit matches and you drive a Ford then the radio will also fit. But does the fit match but is the radio for a BMW and you drive a Ford then it will not fit and work.