If you have purchased a radio with a Win CE operating system, you will receive a microSD card with navigation software. If you have purchased a radio with Android or PlayOS, you will NOT receive any software, because you can download the software for free via the radio.

Below we explain how you get the navigation to work for both systems.

For Win CE car radios do the following:

Insert the microSD card in the MAP or GPS slot on the front of the radio. Go to settings and search for "Navi Path" press this and then press the .exe file that you see on your screen. Now the radio will recognize the microSD card, and the navigation software is ready for use.

For Android and PlayOS car radios do the following:

Make sure that the radio has WIFI connection, you can search for an available internet connection via the WIFI setting of the radio. We usually use the Hotspot function of our telephone, turn on your hotspot or tethering via your telephone, and search via the WIFI settings of the radio for your telephone. After you have connected to your phone's Hotspot or Tethering, go to "Playstore" via the radio and you will be asked to log in, you can log in with a Gmail account or you can create a new account.

Once you are logged in, search through the search bar in Playstore for: Offline maps or HereWeGo. We have good experience with both apps. If you have installed the Apps then you have the option to download maps via the app. For example, choose the Netherlands. Once you have downloaded the map you can navigate without internet.