You have purchased a new radio, connected it and it has worked. But after a while it doesn't turn on anymore. Don't worry, the radio is not defective. When you buy a radio with a CANBUS module and mount it in an old opel, the CANBUS module is sometimes blocked by the car because the car no longer recognizes the CANBUS after a while. You can bypass this, follow the manual below.

1. Cut the yellow wire number 1 on the photo below.

2. Grab a stream of wire and connect it to the yellow wire that goes to the CANBUS.

3. Connect this wire at number 3 to a switched 12V. That means that electricity can only come on this cable if the contact switch is on.

4. Cut the RED ACC wire that comes from to CANBUS.
5. Connect the RED ACC wire that goes to the radio with the yellow wire as shown on picture 5.

Now the CANBUS will always restart when you switch the ignition on and off, as a result the CANBUS will no longer be blocked.

Please note, since the CANBUS is blocked, you must reset the car's memory. For this you must disconnect the + cable from the battery for a few minutes, after which the CANBUS will be recognized again.